Free Module: Clipping Mask

In this free mini-lesson, you will be guided through a quick demonstration through how to use Clipping Mask, one of our most favorite and well-used techniques in Procreate.

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How to use Clipping Mask

Before beginning this step-by-step instruction, ensure you understand two major concepts in Procreate. First, you should feel comfortable drawing a shape with a solid boundary. This means a closed shape created with a solid line (we recommend using technical pen at full opacity). 

Second, you must understand how layers function. If you're familiar with Photoshop, you already know about layers. However, if working in layers is brand-new to you, research this concept through the Procreate Handbook or online tutorials. Working digitally allows color work to exist on separate layers under the line drawing, keeping your sketch’s lines crisp and visible at all times.

If those two things sound familiar to you, let's get started.

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