Basics of Procreate: Getting Started

In this online course, we cover the following essential Procreate skills:

  • Getting Started
    • Gallery and Canvases
    • Action Menu
    • Introduction to Brushes
    • Paint, Smudge and Erase
    • Gesture Controls
    • Undo and Redo
  • Colors and Layers
    • Color Palettes
    • Color Mixing
    • What are Layers?
    • Layer Functions
    • Layer Manipulations
  • Color Drop and Clipping Mask
    • Drawing with QuickShape
    • Painting a Shape
    • ColorDrop
    • Reference Layers
    • Alpha Lock
    • Transform Tool
    • Clipping Mask
  • Coloring Scary Guy 
    • Importing/Saving Files
    • Coloring Scary Guy with Fabric
    • Coloring Scary Guy with Skin

Each self-paced Module has practice exercises, file downloads, and reflection questions all in one convenient course portal.  

5 Modules

Welcome to Design with Procreate!

In this module, Lauren and Eric would like to take a moment to welcome you, outline how this program works, and introduce you to the Procreate Handbook.

Module 2: Colors and Layers

In this Module, we explore several color palette options and gain a fundamental knowledge of Layers, one of the most important concepts in digital rendering.

Module 3: Drop Color and Clipping Mask

In this module you explore various coloring methods, including ColorDrop. Also this very expansive module teaches you how to utilize clipping mask, and add highlight and shadow to objects using Alpha Lock. 

Module 4: Coloring Scary Guy

In this final module you will put all of your learned skills to the test and color your own version of Scary Guy. Learn how to import files, save images and utilize Clipping Mask to add realistic textures to a Scary or Not-So-Scary Guy.

Modules for this course 5
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